Our rhythms are like our heart beat.

Everyone has rhythms to their life, patterns, consistent actions. We all have a normal in which we live. Our lives are impacted and tranformed by our rhythmns. That is why we want to be intentional about the way that we live. This is why we live out our core values in three distinct rhythms. We gather, we equip, and we scatter. We believe these rhythmns will help us to experience a Christ like transformation. In that tranformation, we want to live in such a way that we can impact the city of Fort Worth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We gather every Sunday we gather for worship, by celebrating the accomplished work of Christ. We take communion together, we sing songs together, and we tell stories of redemption.  
We want to be equipped with, and by the word of God. We want to grow in the knowledge and understanding of God's word. 
We scatter throughout the week into Life Groups. Within our life groups we grow in the grace and knowlegde of Jesus Christ, we serve on mission in life groups, and we experience life together.